Ecolab Trump XL Special

Product Code: 2328
Supplier Code: Ecolab
Category: Kitchen
Trump XL Special is an alkaline liquid warewashing detergent for medium hard water conditions. It is part of Ecolab‘s innovative NTA-, EDTA-, phosphate- and chlorine-free product range. It is especially developed in line with the global sustainability demand based on innovative ingredients that bind water hardness.
  • Clean - Highly effective even on the toughest soil. - Provides clean sparkling results.
  • Safe - NTA, EDTA, phosphate- and chlorine-free formula guarantees a high ecological standard. - Transparent packaging allows easy product level check.
  • Efficient - Guarantees one-pass cleaning results, eliminating the need to rewash dishes.
  • Works with dosing systems.
Size: 5 L

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