Soro Mecan Eco

Product Code: 2620
Supplier Code: Soro
Category: Soap
Color: Brown
An ecological cleaning paste for mechanics to wash their grime-covered hands. Soap with natural micro beads. Contains glycerin, aloe vera and dermoprotector agents. A neutral product without colourings and solvents. Cares for and protects hands. Citrus aroma.
  • Very effective: Mecan-Eco can remove all kinds of dirt from industry: greases, solvents, oils, fuels, graphite, coal, etc. –
  • Deep cleans: With natural micro-granules (micro-beads) which clean deeply without damaging the skin.
  • Contains Glycerin: Soothes, moisturizes and preserves skin's elasticity. 
  • Does not contain solvents: Does not cause damage in the epidermis and leaves it soft after use. 
  • Easy clarified: Mecan- Eco is quickly eliminated leaving no residue on the skin. 
  • pH Neutral: Ideal for frequent use. 
  • Pleasant fragrance: lemon fresh scent.
Frangrance Citric
Size: 3,5kg

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