Tork Polishing Cloth Folded

Product Code: 1616
Supplier Code: Tork 197278
Category: Wiping Cloth
Color: White
If you need a soft, low-linting cloth for polishing delicate surfaces - try our Tork® Polishing Cloth. This soft and flexible cloth has a structure designed for holding and releasing polishing agents. It's perfect when you want a professional result with no traces left behind.
  • Specialised: Superior hold and released properties for efficient use of polishing agents
  • Versatile: Soft and flexible enough for a professional shine even on intracate and delicate surfaces
  • Efficient: Dual action hole structure makes it easier and quicker to apply polish and finish.
Sheet Length: 42.8 cm
Sheet Width: 38.5cm
Packing: 140 sheets

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