Terra-Cyclic Bio Bin

Product Code: 6854A
Supplier Code: Terra-Cyclic
Category: Sanitary Bins
Color: White
The World’s smartest sanitary disposal Unit, that has a totally disposable ‘lid and inner cartridge system’, that means no cleaning, less waste, cost savings and an overall reduction of energy use. 
  • Environmentally Safe: Uniquely biodegradable and disposable ‘lid and inner cartridge’. Biodegradable plastics additives with deodorizing chemicals that are safe and friendly for the environment. 
  • Floor or wall-mounts, which enables the unit to become even more efficient if required. 
  • Self- Deodorizing and Antibacterial disposal lid and inner cartridge make the system safe and customer friendly. 
  • Minimal contact system designed to protect both customers and service providers.
  • Unique disposal lid and inner cartridge system makes for safer, cleaner and faster change solution. 
  • Cylinder Availability in different colours. 
Dimensions: H70/D15

Refill Options

Products Code
Bio - Bin Cartridge Refill 13 Ltr 6855A

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