Tork Matic® Green Hand Towel Roll Advanced

Product Code: 1134
Supplier Code: Tork 290076
Category: Handtowel
Color: Green
The Green Advanced Tork Matic® hand towel rolls are suitable for the Tork Matic® Hand Towel Roll Dispenser, developed for easy maintenance in high-traffic washrooms. It saves time and controls consumption by one-at-a-time sheet dispensing.
  • Good absorption: ensures dry hands
  • Soft: gentle on the hands
  • Tork Easy handling™: easy to carry, easy to open, easy to flatten and easy to carry away
  • One at-a-time dispensing: hygienic and lower consumption
Pulp: Recycled
Embossing: Yes
Diameter: 19 cm
Roll Length: 150 m
Sheet Length: 21 cm
No. of Ply: 2
Packing: 6 Rolls

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