Tork Singlefold Hand Towel Advanced

Product Code: 1339
Supplier Code: Tork 290163
Category: Handtowel
Color: White
Satisfy hand drying needs with Advanced Tork Singlefold Hand Towels with the right quality for when cost and performance are equally important. These towels are suitable for the Tork Singlefold Hand Towel Dispenser for demanding environments. It reduces consumption and therefore waste with its reliable one-at-a-time dispensing.
  • Tork Advanced quality for when cost and performance are equally important
  • One at-a-time dispensing: Reduces consumption and helps to improve hygiene
  • Many towels per bundle: Serves more and requires less frequent refilling
  • Attractive décor pattern
  • Tork Easy Handling™ – for easier carrying, opening and package disposal
Pulp: Virgin
Embossing: Yes
Sheet Length: 24.8 cm
Sheet Width: 23 cm
No. of Ply: 2
Packing: 3750

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