Rubbermaid Dispenser Aerosol Standard Led

Product Code: 6927
Supplier Code: Rubbermaid 1817134
Category: Perfumes
Color: White
World-leading air care systems that deliver fragrance and odour neutralisers automatically, helping to keep washroom appearing clean, fresh and comfortable 24-hours a day. 
  • High impact, long lasting designer fragrances that washroom users notice and appreciate. 
  • Unique programming options to suit different applications and air care requirements. 
  • Whatever the programme setting, each refill will always deliver 3,000 metered sprays. 
  • Spray: 243ml 
Ideal for adjusting fragrance levels according to room requirement
Effective odour control - More than 50 days per refill. 

Programming options:

day / night / 24 hr option 
Variable dosing interval from approximately 5 min. to 25 min. 
Dimensions: H23.8/D9.5/W11cm

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