Rubbermaid Autojanitor® Operated With Alkalin Batteries

Product Code: 6930
Supplier Code: Rubbermaid 1817013
Category: Perfumes
Color: White
Keeps toilets and urinals clean, fresh and odour-free. 
  • 24 hr automatic toilet and urinal cleaning to remove stains, prevent scale build-up and help to control the growth of microorganisms. 
  • Cleans and deodourises toilets while releasing a fresh, pleasant scent automatically. 
  • Powerful cleaning products eliminate the source of bad odours.
  • Cleaner & Deodouriser refill – cleans surfaces and introduces a high quality concentrated fragrance for washroom freshness. 
  • Bio-Flush refill – attacks uric scale build-up and prevents blockages in pipes, traps 
and drains. 
  • Bio-Sense refill – ideal for washrooms operating with water-saving devices. 
  • 6000 doses. 
Dimensions: H27/D10.49/W13.99cm

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