Tork Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Advanced

Product Code: 1237
Supplier Code: Tork 120280
Category: Toilet Paper
Color: White with print
Tork Advanced Mini Jumbo Roll’s high capacity provides fewer refills and reduces labor. Large size is pilfer proof, hard to conceal. Can't use at home. Reduced stub roll means less waste. Fewer cores and no wrappers leads to source reduction. Less storage space is needed. Perforated. Rapid break-up capability is ideal for all plumbing systems. Made from 100% recycled fiber provides environmental benefits, and a positive image builder.
Pulp: Recycled
Embossing: Yes
Diameter: 18,8 cm
Roll Length: 170 m
Sheet Length: 20 cm
No. of Ply: 2
Packing: 12 Rolls

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