Air fresheners have become a part of our modern lifestyle, but harmful solvents and VOCs can affect the environment and human health adversely.

FDT has innovated an outstanding product that is not based on harmful solvents or VOCs, but on Oxygen. With this innovation, comes an excellent product, with a performance that is way ahead of other air-fresheners in the market.

The Oxygen-Pro Air-Freshening system delivers fresh fragrance continuously and consistently, without added solvents, propellants or alcohol. It uses the patented Oxy-Gen Powered Technology to deliver pure, fresh fragrance and odour neutraliser, continuously for the entire cartridge life. All fragrance cartridges contain Neutra-Lox, which is effective against malodour such as the smell of urine, body-odour, tobacco, pet malodour, etc.

Oxygen-Pro cartridges contain 100% pure fragrance oil and are a safe choice for any facility.

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