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Kit Ray: 1 tank handle, 1 x 40 cm Velook frame, 1 x Soft Striat flat mop with border.

  • Handle with tank for no-bucket-cleaning with frame with strap tape system
  • Ideal for hard-to-reach environments as staircases and a precise cleaning of unexpected dirt or combined with cleaning with equipment’s.
  • Efficient: makes cleaning quick and easy, avoiding the complicated procedures of traditional systems
  • Compact: easily overcomes any obstacle, cleaning conveniently even in tight spaces
  • Ergonomic: eliminates strain and bending due to heavy buckets with wringer
  • Safe: ring nut prevents accidental spillage of cleaning solution
  • Intuitive: easy-to-use system, fast and it requires no training
  • Highest hygiene: microfibre penetrates into the microporosity of the floor, collecting dirt and more than 95% of bacteria
  • Compliant with health protocols: the cleaning solution is released onto the floor, chemicals are not sprayed in the air, as with nebulization occurs.

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