Kit Velook Infinity

Dimensions 40 × 9,5 cm


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Kit: telescopic handle with double ergonomic twisting grip and Infinity frame with strap tape system and joint

  • Flat mopping system with frame with strap tape system, to be used either pre-soaked or soaked on demand with soaking station
  • Ideal for a professional cleaning with the highest ergonomics
  • Ergonomic: the joint facilitates the “∞” movement reducing training time
  • Efficient: designed to reduce operator’s strain, increasing productivity
  • Handy: reduces wrist movements by 75% in comparison with traditional systems, preventing the onset of occupational injuries
  • Handy: the handle is designed to offer 360 ° rotation, ensuring maximum ergonomics to the operator
  • Safe: the upper twisting handle locks with a click, allowing you to rest the tool safely on the wall
  • Confortable: the rubber inserts ensure an effective, stable and comfortable grip
  • Easy: mop changing is easy and quickly
  • Easy to maintain: cleaning of the tool is very easy and fast

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