P-WAVE Slant6 Urinal Screen

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Transform your restroom experience with P-Wave® – a pioneer in urinal deodorising technology. The Slant6 is not just an accessory but a statement – boasting up to five times the fragrance power of its competition. It infuses your space with an invigorating freshness that lasts for a minimum of 30 days, making it one of the most potent and enduring urinal screens available.

Each P-Wave® Slant6 urinal screen is compatible with waterless urinals and packs functionality and sustainability in a smaller size, fitting more urinals than its predecessors, and of course, is easy to install.

Features of P-Wave® Slant6 Urinal Screen

  • High fragrance load for a long-lasting fresh aroma
  • EcoPure® additive enhances faster biodegradation
  • ‘Splash-eliminating’ angled bristle design
  • Double-sided, ‘Anyway Up’ installation
  • Contains beneficial bacteria for deodorising
  • Waterless urinal compatibility
  • Lower VOC’s
  • 100% recyclable