Rubbermaid TCellTM 2.0

Dimensions 5,99 × 10,39 × 10,39 cm
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Rubbermaid 1957532



TCellTM 2.0 continuous odour control system is sleek, modern and compact. It’s also orientation independent, with the ability to mount to an array of vertical or horizontal surfaces—walls, ceilings, and even furniture.
TCellTM 2.0 utilises advanced Fuel Cell Technology, delivering a precise, timed dose of high-quality fragrance to enhance any space. Natural airflow distributes the fragrance and odour neutraliser throughout the space, covering up to 170 cubic metres.
  • Green platform, no batteries
  • Features a clean, compact, contemporary design which can be wall- mounted in either vertical or horizontal orientations to complement modern interior design styling’s
  • Ultra-reliable delivery system provides peace of mind performance in-situ
  • Available in a choice of aesthetically pleasing black, white, chrome and brushed chrome dispenser finishes
  • Broad spectrum of timeless and luxurious fragrances available to suit customer preferences with 10 profiles ranging from neutral through herbal, woody and floral to citrus
  • Patented passive green fuel cell technology provides fresh fragrance and odour control continuously for 30-45 days per refill without the need for batteries
  • Eliminates Competitive Jamming
  • Silent operation
  • No propellants
  • A cost-effective air care solution

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