Tork Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer 80%

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Tork Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser with 80% (w/w) denatured alcohol, effectively kills microorganisms to help prevent the spread of infections. Effective against a variety of organisms, including all enveloped virus plus noro and rotavirus. Ideal for everyday hand hygiene including healthcare. The non-sticky formula containing moisturising ingredients is proven gentle and safe to the skin . Suitable for all Tork Skincare Dispensers (S4).
  • Effective against a variety of problem organisms – conforms with EN 1500, EN 12791 and EN 14476 (all enveloped viruses, such as: HIV, SARS, Corona, HBV, HCV, influenza H1N1, H5N1 etc., and Rotavirus and Norovirus)
  • Moisturize skin without sticky residue. Proven gentle & safe to the skin (independent test on in vitro skin)
  • Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
  • Stable enough for both manual and sensor dispensers
  • Reduce time for cleaning staff: Certified effortless refilling * in less than 10 sec **
  • Helps secure good hygiene: Factory-sealed bottle with a new pump for every refill helps reduce risk of contamination and protect the formulations all the way to the user.
  • Reduce waste: Bottle is collapsible, leading to 70% less waste volume***
  • For hazard and precaution information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.


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