Tork Basic Paper 1 Ply

Dimensions 250 × 19,5 cm


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Tork Paper Wiper is designed for optimal dispensing from the Tork Washstation Dispenser System. HACCP International certification ensures that this product is safe for use in food processing and food preparation areas.

  • Extra-long roll for high-volume food processing environments – less maintenance saves time.
  • Paper designed for wet environments, efficient even in high-humidity, ensuring convenience and saving time
  • Food-contact-certified rolls is a guarantee of high-quality paper and product safety
  • Blue colour paper is more visible and offers traceability in food materials, therefore it improves safety of the production in food processing
  • Bundles can be topped up easily to avoid paper run-outs

Product Certificates:

Pulp: Recycled
Embossing: No
Roll Length: 250m
No. Ply: 1
Packing: 6  Rolls


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