Tork Luxury Hair & Body Mini Shower Cream

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Tork Luxury Hair & Body Mini Shower Cream provides a luxurious 3-in-1 shower experience, perfect for hotels, spas and sports facilities. Formulated with argan oil and conditioner, it has the triple benefit of a refreshing shampoo, conditioner and moisturising shower cream. As well as gently cleansing the hair and body, this conditioning shampoo moisturises the hair to keep it soft and manageable. Suitable for Tork Soap and Sanitiser Dispensers, it is proven Easy to use and gives users excellent hand hygiene.
  • A refreshing 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and moisturising shower experience
  • 94% of the ingredients are from natural origins*
  • Enriched with natural argan oil helps the hair and skin feel soft and smooth
  • With extra-caring ingredients and a sophisticated scent for a luxurious shower experience
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Skin friendly pH
  • Reduce time for cleaning staff: Certified effortless refilling ** in less than 10 seconds ***
  • Helps secure good hygiene: Factory-sealed bottle with a new pump for every refill helps reduce risk of contamination and protect the formulations all the way to the user.
  • Reduce waste: collapsible bottle, leading to 70% less waste volume***.

Product Specification: 

SE/030/002 EU Ecolabel Easy-to-Use (SRA) Make hygiene accessible to all: many Tork Hygiene Systems are certified "Easy to use" by the Swedish Rheumatism Association.