Tork® Reflex™ Portable Centerfeed Start Pack

Dimensions 23,6 × 27,8 × 22,2 cm
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The portable Tork® Reflex™ Single Sheet Centrefeed system is the ideal hand and surface wiping solution for professional environments on the move. This easy-to-use, hygienic and durable system reduces consumption by up to 37% when compared to the Tork® Centrefeed system. Ideal for use in hospitality, contract cleaning and other mobile environments. The sturdy handle means it’s easy to carry around or attach to a cleaning trolley, so paper is always available. Comes supplied with 1 x 2 Ply white Centrefeed Reflex Roll.


  • Reduce cross contamination risks because users only touch what they use
  • Robust design made to withstand the toughest environments
  • Fully enclosed roll – protection from splashes and dirt

Run out indicator refills means you’re never left without paper

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