Tork Xpressnap® Fit Natural Dispenser Napkin

Dimensions 21,3 × 16,5 cm
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Run your business more efficiently. Tork Xpressnap Fit® dispensers are perfect for quick service food and drink restaurants, bars, pubs and food kiosks. Tork Xpressnap Fit® not only serves more guests between refills –compared to traditional napkin dispensers– it also cuts inventory space and reduces unused napkins thrown-away by more than 50%. Tork Xpressnap Fit® Natural Dispenser Napkins 2 ply are made of 100% recycled fibres, a great choice if you want to show your environmental commitment.

  • A space saving fold that opens to a full size napkin.
  • No bleaching or additional dyes brings a natural color Unique pack solution, bundles are protected by a plastic bag for improved hygiene and handling
  • Compact box simplifies shipping and storage.

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