Trilogy Frame

Dimensions 40 cm

Grey / Green

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TTS 00007700

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Flat mop system with double sided frame, to be used with pre-soaking, soaking on demand with soaking station or with the convenient wringer

  • Double-sided frame, can be used on both sides, with Block System.
  • Ideal for high-performance professional cleaning.
  • Time-saving: you double the cleaned surface thanks to the flat mops with two cleaning sides
  • If used with the pre-soaking system, you cut the quantity of necessary mops in half thanks to the two cleaning sides
  • If used with the wringer, you go back to the bucket to rinse and wring out the mop half the times as the two cleaning sides of the mop double the dirt collection power
  • Easy: mop changing is easy and quickly
  • Touch-free: the detaching system avoids any contact with the dirt
  • Compatible with any handle with hole with diameter from 18 to 23 mm

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