TTS Bio Vecro Basic System

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TTS 00v00970



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Tool for disinfection, complete with: aluminium handle with plastic grip and knob for distributing the product, refillable plastic container with capacity 650 ml and a 40cm Velcro frame.
  • Ideal For washing and dusting, dry or damp use.
  • No bending: Equipped with an ergonomic grip that makes it easier to use the tool, always maintaining a proper position.
  • Less weight: No more lifting of heavy buckets, mops to rinse and wringed out.
  • Easy to clean: No need to disassemble it.
  • The transparent, graduated bottle to check the amount of liquid available.
  • Hygienic: Since the chemical solution never comes in contact with the dirt, and it’s maintaining clean.
  • Colour Coded Bottles: The bottles are available in different colours, to allow the operator to diversify chemicals according to the different environments to clean, but always using a single tool, which means considerable time saving.
  • Removable and interchangeable: for easy refilling and cleaning the bottles.
  • Time saving: Frames allow to change mops easily.
Dimensions: 40 cm Velcro

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