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Biological Odour Counteractant.
When you need to eliminate bad odours, cleaning and disinfection alone do not help to solve the problem. Ne-O-dor, the biological odour counteractant, works at the source of bad odours.
  • in food preparation, e.g. kitchens, butcheries, breweries
  • in sanitary facilities or public areas, e.g. public toilets, dressing rooms, washrooms, showers and bathrooms.
  • in waste water and refuse systems, e.g. drainage systems, siphons, street drains, grease traps, waste containers, sumps and reservoirs.
Bacteria decompose organic materials and develop malodours. Ne-O-dor does not cover malodours, Ne-O-dor destroys them and produces a natural fresh smell. Ne-O-dor helps you to reduce the need to clean out grease traps due to malodours. Do not use Ne-O-dor on food preparation surfaces. Ne-O-dor does not replace any cleaning and disinfectant product. For further instructions see product label and safety data sheet.
Frangrance Orange
Size: 750ml

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