Kit Uni Junior

Dimensions 15 × 35 cm

Grey / Green

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TTS 5075VK01

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Kit: Uni Junior frame with ring nut, 35 cm Soft Band flat mop and 14 L single bucket with wringer.Semi-professional flat system with micro flaps

  • Versatile: it ensures a fast and easy cleaning of horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Ergonomic: no bending during use to protect back and joint health
  • Handy: the easy opening system ensures a quick set-up
  • Efficient: the flat mop is attached to the frame in an instant and remains fixed during use
  • Lightweight: the lightness of the system ensures proper friction on the floor, effortlessly
  • Functional: ensures the right dampness on the floor for washing, avoiding halos and preventing slippage
  • Effective: microfibre penetrates into the microporosity of the floor, collecting dirt and more than 95% of bacteria
  • Time-saving: thanks to the large cleaning surface and the possibility of reaching corners and cleaning under furniture
  • Hygienic: the used flat mop releases without any hand contact with dirt
  • Compatible with any handle with hole with diameter from 18 to 23 mm

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