Rubbermaid Medium Quick Cart

Dimensions 36,3 × 41,9 × 53,3 cm


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Rubbermaid’s Quick Cart is a durable, and versatile solution to transporting goods or supplies with ease. Manufactured from high-performance materials, and treated with Teflon fabric protector, the Quick Cart is capable of repelling water, oil and stains, while ensuring it can withstand rigorous daily use. It’s versatility, due to the adjustable dividers and optional caddies and liners, make this the ideal transport solution for housekeepers, janitors, maintenance teams and more

  • Adjustable dividers enable users to create multiple compartments to meet their specific needs
  • Removable carry caddy provides rigid dividers that improve efficiency while keeping supplies or amenities organised
  • Heavy-duty fastening strap helps secure tools to the front of the caddy, preventing them from toppling during transit
  • Durable lid not only conceals contents, but also allows the user to add a lock that prevents unauthorised access to the cart and its contents
  • Heavy-duty kick plate reduces wear and tear when tipping the cart to begin transit to a new area
  • Smart, compact design ensures cart is inconspicuous and blends into surroundings
  • Lightweight construction improves manoeuvrability
  • Versatile compartments facilitate multiple configurations dependent on industry
  • Ideal for housekeeping, maintenance, janitorial and more

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