Soft Pro flat mop with border and strap tape system

Dimensions 40 × 15 cm


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TTS 00AB9525BZ

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Microfibre flat mop for dry/damp use (spray cleaning), for washing and waxing floors, with strap tape system support and shockproof reinforced border

  • Flat mopping system with frame with strap tape system, to be used either       pre-soaked, soaked on demand with soaking station or with handles with tank. Ideal for dry dusting, spray cleaning and waxing floors of internal smooth surfaces
  • Easy: mop changing is easy and quickly
  • Ergonomic: it is the most lightweight system of TTS range
  • Highest hygiene: microfibre penetrates into the microporosity of the floor, collecting dirt and more than 95% of bacteria
  • Effective: especially suitable for wax application, ensures high performance
  • Long durability: high quality strap tape to ensure a long life of the mop

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