Tork Luxury Foam Soap

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Provide visitors an extra touch of luxury with Tork Luxury Foam Soap. A luxuriously scented formulation, enriched with natural magnolia extract, moisturizing, lipid replenishing ingredients for an indulging and creamy hand washing experience. Suitable for Tork Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers, proven Easy to use and provide good hand hygiene to all users.
      • Enriched with natural magnolia extract for a rich, creamy hand-washing experience
      • 94% of the ingredients are from natural origins*
      • A unique, elegant, long-lasting fragrance of citrusy top notes reveals a sophisticated blend of magnolia, orchid and freesia tones, leaving a pleasant after-feel.
      • Minimize energy use, this soap is proven effective in cold water**
      • Dermatologically tested
      • Skin friendly pH
      • Reduce time for cleaning staff: Certified effortless refilling *** in less than 10 seconds ****
      • Reduce waste: Helps reduce soap consumption by up to 50%*****
      • Helps reduce water consumption by over 10%******
      • Helps secure good hygiene: Factory-sealed bottle with a new pump for every refill helps reduce risk of contamination and protect the formulations all the way to the user.
      • Reduce waste: collapsible bottle, leading to 70% less waste volume*******
      • This bottle is made from 30% recycled plastic********