Tork Toilet Seat Cleaner Premium

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Tork 420302



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Tork Toilet Seat cleaner is a detergent used for increased comfort in the washroom. Clean the toilet ring with one push of Toilet Seat cleaner on a piece of toilet paper to get a more hygienic toilet seat. It is perfume free, color-free and dermatologically tested, proven kinder to the skin. Perfect for offering reassurance and comfort to visitor. Fits into the smaller S2 dispenser and it easy to place in any washroom.
  • Effective: Effective against a variety of germs.
  • Hygienic: Sealed bottle with single-use pump reduces risk of cross contamination when refilling dispenser.
  • Quick-and-easy refilling proven with easy-to-use certification by the Swedish Rheumatism Association
  • The bottle collapses as the contents are used, reducing waste
  • Comfort: Easily spread on the surface, evaporates swiftly from the surface and neutralizes odors for your convenience and assurance.
Frangrance Non-perfumed
Size: 475ml = 475 doses