Slim Jim® Rim Caddy Kit, Black

Dimensions 12,19 × 36,32 × 82,55 cm
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Slim Jim® Rim Caddy Kit compactly holds various cleaning tools including brooms, dustpans, safety signs, spray bottles, extra can liners, and more. Built-in holders support up to 3 spray bottles or hand sanitizer bottles for easy access to cleaning supplies. This purpose-built solution helps increase the efficiency of your disinfecting procedures when used with the Slim Jim® Cleaning Cart (2032954).

  • The Slim Jim® Rim Caddy Kit paired with the slim profile of a Slim Jim® container allows for easy maneuvering in the tightest spaces.
  • Fits securely on the rim of a Slim Jim® container, allowing for the storage and transportation of common cleaning tools. The Slim Jim® Rim Caddy Kit features an integrated dustpan holder, dedicated hooks to hold a safety sign, and space for storing up to 3 spray bottles.
  • Each Slim Jim® Rim Caddy Kit includes a Stick Clip (2032938), Wide Hook(2032935)and Peg Hook (2032937) that can be arranged into hundreds of different configurations onto five dedicated tool rails.
  • Commercial-grade construction with high-quality resin material.
  • Ergonomic handle provides comfortable maneuverability.
  • Bag cinches secure liners around the top of the Slim Jim® Rim Caddy and allow for quick, knot-free liner changes.
  • Quickly access cleaning supplies

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